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Anyone who follows my stories on my Instagram knows that I am a messy human. I hoard all the things and leave them haphazardly around every room I venture into. My mother will tell you that I have been like this all my life. Also she has been trying to train me to “clean up as I go” my entire life. It’s never sank in unfortunately.

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Do I like living in chaos? Absolutely not. But I hate cleaning even more than I hate the chaos most of the time, ha. I usually get to a very low point (aka a HUGE mess), and give in and power clean. Sometimes I end up with a spotless room, but most of the time, I end up cleaner than I started but not completely clean.

This time I end up 80% clean and that was good enough for me. So if you want some cleaning motivation, or just to see a messy person in their natural habitat, check out my video below!

Cleaning My Messy Room

If this doesn’t motivate you to clean, I hope it at least motivates you to stop making your mess bigger until your end up with a before picture just like mine. Thanks for tagging along and keeping me motivated enough to have an “after” clip to show you all! Until next time babes, xoxo Tay

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