Easy Wavy Beach Hair Tutorial

I went to a music festival this summer and I did these easy beachy waves for my hair every day of the festival. Normally I am a fan of loose curls for my every day look, but those curls do not hold up in the heat. We have all been there. We left in the morning with every hair in place, makeup perfectly done, and midday we walk past a mirror and cannot believe what a mess we have become. Our soft curls have turned mostly flat and frizzy. Our perfect makeup looks like it just melted and smeared. So frustrating.

I have been a victim of the frizzy limp curls and melted makeup the last 4 years of Faster Horses Music Festival and finally decided to try something new. Waves. These waves held up all day in 90+ degree heat, sweating, and even being sprayed with water by my boyfriend trying to cool me down (don’t boys know we don’t mind being sprayed as long as they don’t ruin our hair and makeup!). Gotta love him for trying <3

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Long Lasting Wavy Beach Hair

I have gotten this wavy hair routine down pat. I can easily have my perfect waves done in just 15-20 minutes and be out the door. The best part is that with a touch of dry shampoo and a 2 minute touch up, second day wave hair may look even better than your first day hair.

Here are the only 4 things I need to make this long-lasting wavy beach hair:

  • Brush/comb of your choice
    • This Wet Hair brush has worked WONDERS for my naturally tangled hair. Most painless brush I have ever used!
  • Heat Hair Protection Spray
  • Hair Waver Hot Tool
    • This is the exact one I have and have used and loved for the last 7 years without issue
  • Hair Spray (optional)
    • I dont normally spray my waves but in the extreme festival weather I am glad I had it. This is the brand I used.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with crimping different amounts of hair at a time. The more hair you do together, the looser the waves will be. The less hair you do, the more defined the waives will be.

Easy breezy GORGEOUS hair

I cannot wait to see the pictures you guys share of your new easy beachy waves! If you have any questions or other tips, please leave them in the comment section below. Until next time babes, XOXO Tay

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